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510(k) Number/Type
Advisory Committe
Date Received
Decision Date
More Info
K781660 E. R. SQUIBB & SONS, INC. RIA, DIGOXIN Clinical Toxicology 1978-09-28 1978-10-24
K781557 SAGE PRODUCTS, INC. 24-HOUR URINE COLLECTION COOLING WRAP Pathology 1978-09-11 1978-10-17
K781352 MEDIMATIC STRAIN GAUGE PLETHYSMOGRAPH Cardiovascular 1978-08-07 1978-10-27
K781071 PCL-RIA, INC. STANDARDS, HORMONE, THYROID STIMULATING Clinical Chemistry 1978-06-26 1978-08-14
K780640 HONEYWELL, INC. DRY SILVER PROCESSOR MODEL 1226 Cardiovascular 1978-04-17 1978-04-28
K780308 ORGANON, INC. OREIA-T4 Clinical Chemistry 1978-02-23 1978-04-12
K780235 BIOMET, INC. ORTHOPEDIC DEVICES Orthopedic 1978-02-13 1978-02-23
K772337 EPPENDORF-BRINKMANN, INC. URINARY 17-KETOSTERIOD/17 Clinical Chemistry 1977-12-22 1978-01-12
K772053 DATASCOPE CORP. LINE CHARGER MODEL LC-100 Cardiovascular 1977-10-31 1977-11-09
K760542 HEWLETT-PACKARD CO. ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH (#1505A) Cardiovascular 1976-08-30 1976-09-09

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